A Python package for translating Emoji and Emoticons into Bengali text.

Sample of using Bnemo


Normally text corpus or text data contains different type of emoji, emoticons to express emotions and sentiment, specially text collected from social media. But this emojis have hardly any meaning in terms of text analysis if those are not converted into corresponding text. From that observation, we are trying to build a database of translation for common emoji, emoticons in Bengali so that Bengali NLP practitionars can use this database to translate emoji, emoticons into Bengali pharases for better understanding of text data. As the initial step, we have created this python package to easily use the emoji, emoticons to Bengali text database in NLP task.


Install using the following command -

pip install bnemo

Uninstall using the following command -

pip uninstall bnemo

Getting Started

To use bnemo install it using pip. And make sure you have the required python version in your environment, i.e. python >= 3.5.


Import the Translator class from bnemo module.

from bnemo import Translator


Create an instance of Translator class.

translator = Translator()


Use the translate() method of Translator class to translate any emoji, emoticons in your Bengali text data.

input_text = "তুমি বড় কষ্ট দিলে 😭"
result = translator.translate(input_text)


It will return a Result object, that has four attributes.

Attribute Data Type Explanation
text String This is the translated text from bnemo
emo List List of all the emoji, emoticons in the given input text
pos List of list This is the list of start and ending index of each emoji in the input text
meaning List of Strings This is the list of meanings for each emoji, emoticons in the input text


If you follow the above steps you might get the output as bellow -

print(f"Translation: {result.text}\nEmoji: {result.emo}\nPositions: {result.pos}\nMeaning: {result.meaning}")


Translation: তুমি বড় কষ্ট দিলে জোরে জোরে কান্নাকাটি
Emoji: ['😭']
Positions: [[18, 19]]
Meaning: ['জোরে জোরে কান্নাকাটি']

How to Contribute

You can contribute in the following ways -

  • You can suggest better translation for any emoji, emoticons and send a pull request.
  • You can create notebooks for showing use cases of this package or emoji database.
  • Or may be in someother way not listed here